King Kunta

“Now I run the game got the whole world talkin’, King Kunta//Everybody wanna cut the legs off him, Kunta.” Kendrick Lamar uses this line in the chorus of his new song, “King Kunta” off his sophomore record “To Pimp a Butterfly.” The song is boastful, and it presents itself as a victorious milestone in Lamar’s career: a time where he’s at the top of the rap world and is setting the tone for all other artists in the genre. This track was chosen as song of the day because it reminded me of a friend of me who recently injured his ankle. He made a quick recovery, and now it’s as if his injury never happened. When I listen to “King Kunta,” it makes me think of my friend and how he remained strong and rose to the top despite his injury. Lamar’s tone through his rap is brawny, and the production on the song fits well with its driving funk beat and motown-esque background vocals. However, this song is only meant to whet your appetite, as the entirety of this record is an excellent musical effort by Lamar.


Grindin and Rewindin,