Hannah Davis and the Blueberries

Sophomore Hannah Davis
Sophomore Hannah Davis stands with two blueberries in her nose.

Hannah Davis doesn’t even like to eat blueberries. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t make use of them. “I saw the blueberries, and when I see blueberries, first thing I think is like, ‘why not put it up my nose?’,” Davis said.

She doesn’t recall doing this before, but she does have experience with sticking grapes and other objects up her nose. “I have a larger nose, so it’s safer for me I think,” Davis said, “And I used a smaller blueberry and I really got it in there. It was a little hard to get out, but if you’re feeling like being risky, I think it’s a cool thing to do; it really adds to your style.”

Watch the slow-motion video below to see Davis shoot one blueberry out of her nose and into the trash can.