Miss Understanding

Here at Song of the Day, we try to include a plethora of genres in our selections. However,  one genre in particular has been left out far too often, the genre of jazz. Luckily, Los Angeles saxophonist and composer Kamasi Washington is out in the musical world working tirelessly to produce the type of sound that will please you from head to toe. Washington represents a new generation of jazz musicians, a generation that has embraced modern music and set its sights on breaking away from tradition. For instance, his album is not being put out by a traditional jazz label, rather by Brainfeeder, a label started by progressive electronic musician Flying Lotus. Washington also creates music outside of the realm of jazz, doing some playing and arranging on Kendrick Lamar’s most recent album. Today’s Song of the Day, “Miss Understanding,” contains unusual sonic choices that are proof that Washington is pushing the envelope of jazz. The song begins and ends with a huge swell by a full choir, a sound rarely heard on jazz records, and there’s no piano, instead only electric keyboard. These elements and more are what make Washington such a unique artist, and I believe we will see some major musical works coming from him in the future.


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