Where would we be without all the weird, unconventional songs that bands like to slip into their discography? Probably nowhere, as it is those same weird songs that inspire other artists to push the boundaries of music past the norm. Today’s Song of the Day comes with a local flair, as we present you with “Poinciana” by the  originally-from-Ann Arbor-now-LA-based funk band Vulpeck. Poinciana was actually written in the 30’s but has since been interpreted in many genres including jazz, funk and traditional Cuban music.  The Vulfpeck version is comprised of minimal bass, minimal drums and maximum talk box. For those of you who are not experts in vocal distortion effects of the 70s, the talk box is a tube that goes from the musician’s mouth to an effects unit, essentially allowing them to distort the sound being made by a synthesizer using their voice to give a more vocal aesthetic. In “Poinciana,” the members of Vulfpeck create rich harmonies and put a fresh spin on lyrics that would sound outdated if not being sung with android-like effects added on. Rhythm section provides a beat that almost sounds like the demo from one of those cheap Casio keyboards you owned as a kid, but that’s not to say the groove is bad, merely that it is intensely simple. As the song bounces along with a sprightly feel, you can’t help but smile, especially if you watch the video, which shows the band singing with ridiculous expressions on their faces ranging from operatic strain to devilish mischief. Vulfpeck’s “Poinciana” is exactly what you’ve been looking for today, you just didn’t know it.

Stay Classy Community,