E Go Betta


All aboard the groove train. Today’s song of the day is “E Go Betta” by afrobeat savant Dele Sosimi. Sosimi originally played keyboards with the legendary Fela Kuti, but now leads his own band, and has released three albums as a leader. His fourth album is dropping May 25th, but you can get an early listen of it on soundcloud. The first track, “E Go Betta” starts with a simple guitar riff. As the bass and drums come in, you feel that sense of rhythm that drives all afrobeat music. The groove is impenetrable, something that you could set your watch by, and the horn lines are perfectly executed. The vocals blend excellently with the rest of the band, and (what I would assume to be) Sosimi’s singing is beautifully phrased, flowing easily over the staccato beat of the drummer. While this music is new, it is built on decades of afrobeat music from the 70s and 80s, and you can really hear the influence that afrobeat has had on popular music by listening to artists like Sosimi. I would give this track a full 9 Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Decks/ 10 Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Decks.



(DJ air horn blast),