10 Horror Movies to Watch in October

10. Evil Dead

In this 1980s horror film, a group of friends go to a cabin in the middle of the woods. Instead of having a weekend laugh and fun memories, they get a night full of terror. Directed by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man Trilogy), this movie is loaded with some of the most haunting jump scares ever. This movie is considered a pioneer in the horror film genre.


9. The Thing


In the cold tundras of Antarctica, an alien hides among a group of unsuspecting scientists, killing them one by one. This film relies heavily on the sense of paranoia, as the alien can shapeshift into any of its victims. The movie gives of the sense of isolation, being set in the middle of the tundra. A huge standout this movie has to be the alien antagonist and the alien’s ability to transform itself into different people and animals. The alien is executed perfectly, thanks to movie’s special effects. This movie shows off great use of practical effect, and what they can do when done right. A huge recommendation for anyone interested special effects or terrifying creatures.


8. Night of The Living Dead

The zombie movie that started it all. This 1968 film finds seven strangers trapped in a farmhouse as waves of the undead swarm them. This might be one of the most socially conscious horror films on this list, as an undertone of racial prejudice and anti-war protest is seen throughout the film. This movie isn’t just a great horror film, but also a great drama.  


7. Insidious


In this James Wan Horror flick, a family moves into a new home. Everything is going great until they are haunted by evil spectres who want to take away one of the children in the family, and the movie takes the viewer into a world where nightmares are made of. This movie is a master in the art of jump scares, and gives a real sense of dread that will stay with the viewer for the entire night.


6. V/H/S

In this horror anthology movie, a group of thugs break into an old man’s house and find a huge collection of video tapes. The story follows one of the thugs as he watches four of the tapes. There are four different types of short movies combined into one, and each of them have their own style. This is a very interestingly-themed horror movie, where the directors experiment with the horror genre in very unique ways. A great recommendation for anyone who is fan of experimental filmmaking.


5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

The craziest film on the list is “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” The story follows a group of teens who end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. A cannibalistic family stalks and kidnaps the group and brings them to their house, a place that is truly the definition of terror. This movie uses gruesome violence to get a rise out of its viewers, and it works perfectly due to how real and gritty the film looks. This trendsetting movie paved the way for gruesome horror films to come.


4. Alien

“In space, no one can hear you scream!” This tagline perfectly captures the tone of this movie. Directed by the legendary director Ridley Scott, this space horror flick follows a spaceship that picks up a distress signal from an ancient spaceship and decides to check it out. When the crew returns back to the ship, little did they know they would be bringing back an unwanted guest. “Alien” has the feel of a game of cat and mouse. The claustrophobic atmosphere, similar to “The Thing,” is all thanks to the practical effects used in the making of this film, adding to the dread in this cinematic classic.


3. Friday The 13th


The slasher movie that changed the game forever, “Friday the 13th” is a horror film that many films try to imitate but can never match in brilliance. The story follows a group of summer camp counselors working at a cursed summer camp. A killer strikes, hunting them down all on Friday the 13th. An interesting aspect in the movie is the first person view of the killer as he’s going a rampage. This movie set the blueprint that a lot horror movies follow today.


2. The Shining

When the master of horror literature, Stephen King, and wizard of filmmaking, Stanley Kubrick, come together to make a movie, this is the result. Prepare to have your mind blown. The story follows a family who have become the new owners of a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Little did they know the hotel is hiding dark secrets that would break the sanity of all of its residence. This movie is filled with horrific images and creepy symbolism that turn the viewer’s head upside down.


1. Halloween

Considered to be the most successful independent horror film in history, “Halloween” is a perfect horror movie to watch in the month of October. The movie follows a group of babysitters that are being stalked by a psychopathic killer on Halloween night. The movie works so well due to its lighting, with its use of black and blue lighting makes the movie give this off eerie vibe. This is the great popcorn horror flick to watch with a group of friends.