Deadpool “a superhero movie for the juvenile kid in us all”


Deadpool is the newest superhero to come from 21st Century Fox. It stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller and Ed Skrein. This action comedy follows Wade Wilson, played by Reynolds, a mercenary who is reaching for revenge after receiving the short end of the stick in a controversial cure for cancer experiment gone wrong. What ensues is a crazy ride filled with violence and dirty humor. Deadpool is a entertaining superhero with a unique style. The character of Deadpool is an over-the-top fouled-mouth, action hero who really doesn’t follow the typical superhero rules, where the hero would always stand for the most noble of causes. But for Deadpool, he follows his personal goals and doesn’t care if anyone gets hurt on the way. This movie is an ultra violent, crude humor experience with people’s limbs being sliced off, gruesome head shots. With all of the superhero movies that are coming out recently, there is a shared universe. Deadpool is connected with the “X-Men” universe, meaning some X-Men characters appear in “Deadpool”. Don’t expect big characters like Wolverine and Professor X to make an appearance, but look out for minor characters from their universe.

A huge appeal about Deadpool has to be it’s self awareness. The character of Deadpool was able to break the fourth wall throughout all of his media appearances, allowing to address the audience similar to a Ferris Bueller type of style. He is even able to crack jokes on the movie’s budget and past failures that the character had to get a good movie adaptation. Reynolds sells this perfectly. He’s able to channel the wit and humor that was given the comic and convey it on to the screen is incredible. A comparison to this would by Robert Downey Jr. playing Iron Man.

Overall, Deadpool is a great addition to the Marvel superhero movie genre. Reynolds brings justice to Deadpool with an excellent supporting cast that serves the movie well. And awesome actions scenes that look as if they explode from the pages of the comic. This is a huge achievement for first time director, Tim Miller, who shows he’s able to tell a compelling story while doing it on such a small budget compared to other superhero movies. As a fair warning, this superhero movie is not family friendly and is directed for more mature fans of the superhero genre from beginning to end.

My only complaints would be that some of the movies jokes fell flat at times and just didn’t reach out to me as I wanted them to. Near the last big battle scene where Deadpool fights the main villain, I felt that they could have done more with the set that they had instead of the generic fight spots.

Overall Grade: A-