Sword of Destiny: The Legacy of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Continues on

Press Release Poster for "Sword of Destiny"
Press Release Poster for “Sword of Destiny”

In fitting style with any good martial arts film, “Sword of Destiny: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” contains an onslaught of flying, fighting scenes. The feet of actors flew across the screen throughout the film, the flying robes of the actors spinning in the artificial wind— green screens glistening behind them.

Though the fighting scenes were well done and left the viewer wanting to take a martial arts class of their own, the green screen backgrounds left more of a feeling of cut funding. Though the images displayed were delightful, the backgrounds appeared to be more like paintings than places. Something less than pleasing, but a small sliver in the quality of the movie.

With Michelle Yeoh returning to play a leading part in “Sword of Destiny”, the movie really is a blast from the past with its continuing storyline and character references. But with a new plot and a cast of up and coming actors, the film can be enjoyed by both original fans of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and new ones.

Though relatively violent, the film has very few blood scenes, and would make a good family movie with those 10 or older. But with this said, there are quite a few deaths that may rattle those younger than 10 or particularly sensitive to death and blood in movies.

With its clever underlying jokes, “Sword of Destiny” is stocked with both subtle slapstick and spoken humor. Though the jokes hit home, the dialogue throughout the movie is rather weak, with only the necessity being said and absolutely nothing more. With an interesting plot line this would normally be enough, but with only 96 minutes the character development is cut short, leaving the audience wanting more from the legendary cast of new and old.
Following the tradition of lost love, “Sword of Destiny” displays a heart warming story of two young warriors, a legendary sword and final redemption. With characters that pull you in and capture your heart, Sword of Destiny fulfills any wanting you may have for a heart wrenching martial arts film. And as a sequel, Sword of Destiny more than does its job as continuing the legacy of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” with gravity defying martial arts and a tear-jerking plot.

Michelle Yeoh in Sword of Destiny
Michelle Yeoh in Sword of Destiny