PHS Hosts 31 Annual College Fair


On March 22, parents and students made their way to Pioneer High School for the 31 annual college fair. Sixty-three colleges brought both pamphlets and experts to educate students about their prospective colleges. Though it was mostly attended by juniors, students from all grades were present, as well as Community High School counselors Brian Williams and John Boshoven.

While every student had a different take on the college fair, some found it overwhelming to see many of their choices all in one location.

“There were so many things, so many places and so many people,” said junior Lindsey Williams. “I didn’t know where to start.”

Students had the opportunity to speak to college admission counselors to learn more about those they are hoping to be accepted into as well as learn about schools they had never heard of. With 63 available, there were many options, ranging anywhere from schools in Michigan to schools in Scotland.

“I think it helped me find more colleges to look at because that’s what I really wanted to do,” junior Esther Priebe said. However, Priebe was in agreement with Williams that the fair was overwhelming.

“I started talking to a few colleges, like Michigan Tech and a few others, but after a while I was just trying to get information and leave,” Priebe said.

Although it was intimidating, the college fair did help introduce students to new schools.

“[It is important] just making sure kids know what types of schools are out there and really helping students identify what would be a good fit and helping get them in touch with resources,” Brian Williams said.

“I think the college fair was probably helpful for a lot of people,” said junior Josh Krauth-Harding, though he personally found it overwhelming as well. “I’ll probably attend stuff specific to certain colleges I’m interested in, but probably not anymore as broad as [the college fair],” he said.