No-bake Oreo Truffles


1 package of Oreo cookies

4-8 oz of cream cheese

Melting chocolate (chocolate chips, almond bark, candy coating, etc.)

Sprinkles or other topping



1. Begin by crushing the Oreo cookies. You can use a food processor, or as pictured, use the bottom of glass in a large bowl.

2. Mix the crushed cookies and cream cheese to taste using a stand mixer. The mixture should be wet enough to stay together without crumbling, but not too sticky.

3. Cover a cookie tray with wax paper. Roll the mixture into 1-inch balls, or slightly bigger depending on how big you will want the truffles, and place them onto the tray. Place the tray in your freezer for at least 15 minutes, or outside if you live in Michigan and it is April.

4. While they are cooling, melt the chocolate you are going to use in a large bowl. Vanilla-flavored almond bark is pictured.

5. Drop the balls one at a time into the chocolate and roll them around until they are completely covered. Using a fork, lift the ball up to the edge of the bowl and tap the fork to get rid of excess chocolate. Then place the truffle onto the wax paper. It can helpful to use a toothpick to push the ball off the fork.

6. You must put your topping on the truffle as quickly as possible because the chocolate will dry fast. You can use sprinkles, drizzled chocolate, cookie crumbs or any other idea you might have.

7. If the chocolate you have melted becomes difficult to work with, try reheating it. Once they have all been dipped and dried, break off and pieces of excess chocolate around the truffles. You can let them rest at room temperature if it is not too hot, or store them in your refrigerator. They make wonderful gifts! Enjoy!