Why iii Love The Moon


Listening to a song like ‘Why iii Love The Moon’ is like dancing to a fast-paced EDM version of an Adele song. You can easily jam out to it with pals and not digest the lyrics, but once you’re alone on the bus or in your room, it takes time to really learn what the lyrics mean.

‘Why iii Love The Moon’ by the band Phony Ppl is off their 3rd album ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow.’ Phony Ppl is made up of vocalist Elbee Thrie, rapper Sheriff Pj, guitarists Elijah Rawk and Bari Bass, percussionist Matt ‘MaffYuu’ Byas and Aja Grant on the keyboard. Phony Ppl’s origins are from Brooklyn, New York, but currently they are located in the California area. What makes Phony Ppl an interesting band is that they are classified as having no genre, or being in their own unique genre: ‘ThisNewGenre.’ Phony Ppl and ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’, an album two years in the making,  gained recognition through praise from the L.A. Times and artists like Chance the Rapper, reaching #6 on the iTunes R&B chart.

The intro of the ‘Why iii Love The Moon’ is a soft and slow beat-less part, which made me turn it up, which later came back to back stab me, as when the beat drops, dozens of amazing elements stunned me. The whole song is decorated with classical, jazz, rap, and R&B elements, that really leaves me guessing what’s next every time I listen.

Rapper Sheriff Pj does a great job of describing beauty and pain with interjections like ‘yo’ to give what I think is a overlaying sense of masculinity on top of all these deep metaphors. “Love is blind to the flame, that’s why I never look up never hide behind the skies when it rain.” However, these lyrics can be interpreted differently among everybody. For example, skies can also be sky’s, referring to a sky’s flame.

Besides the fact that the theme can be vague and unclear, the message is coherent to me. Love is hard to find, and outer space is a beautiful constant you can always seek when you’re lonely.

The last lyrics of the song are poignant and classy and shall be my sign off for today!