The Lesser of Two Evils?


The United States Presidential election may be one of the most watched election throughout the world, and this year this is be truer than ever. This year’s candidates have brought worry and entertainment to many across the world and with the election so close many people are still undecided on who to vote for in this thrill filled election. Candidates are doing all they can to sway these undecided voters in these last few weeks, and I am here not to sway your votes towards a certain candidate but to simply present some overlooked facts in this election.

At first glance it might seem like there is a clear choice on who should be the winner of this election. It might even puzzle people why one of the candidates is still in the running. People are voting for Hillary Clinton without knowing anything about her; they are voting just to stop Donald Trump because all they see in the media is about Trump. Most voters are not really educated on the candidate they are going to be voting for on Nov. 8, they just want to prevent Trump from winning the election. But what they are not considering is whether Clinton is the best replacement for Trump. After Bernie Sanders failed to win the nomination as the Democratic party’s nominee, many people were disappointed, and rightly so because of how close of a race it was. However, in the end the Sanders supporters had to accept defeat on what they had thought to be a fair race. It was later revealed through Clinton’s email leaks that the race for the nomination might not have been as far as everyone had believed. The public was informed on private emails between the then president of the DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Clinton which showed how Clinton and the ex DNC president had conspired to sabotage Sanders in what was supposed to be a fair election. Clinton was able to somehow get away with this inexcusable act, an act that could lead to candidates being disqualified, yet she was allowed to get away with it because she had a higher chance of stopping the “greater evil” that is Trump. Worst of all, after Wasserman was forced to step down because of what she had done, Clinton had the audacity to hire Wasserman to be a part of her campaign team.

This is not even the worst of the atrocities she has committed. Clinton is a proven liar. On Mar. 10, 2010, Clinton stood in front of multiple reporters at a press conference and claimed that she did not send or receive any emails that were classified at the time. Yet the FBI found over 112 emails that that were marked classified at the time. Yet she is still allowed to run for the highest office in the land. On another occasion on Sept. 4, 2015, Clinton told reporters that she had turned in all her work related emails, and yet the FBI reported finding thousands of other emails in the servers’ slack space and some of these emails were on a whole nother server. Some of you might be saying “Well the FBI found her to have done nothing wrong except being extremely negligent.” To you the question is, do you really believe Clinton has done nothing wrong? Only a woman with something to hide will go through all this trouble over a couple supposed “work related emails.” Would you lie to the FBI over the contents of your email?

In the election, Clinton is by far the most qualified candidate. She was secretary of state and prior to that she was a United States senator. She was also a first lady in the White House, so she seems like the obvious candidate to vote for. Before you do, consider what has Clinton truly accomplished. She goes on these televised debate and talks about her tax plan and her plan to lower the college tuition. But why didn’t she attempt to do any of these things when she was secretary of state or even a senator? She has had many different opportunities to follow through and accomplish some of her great plans for improving the United States, yet she has accomplished nothing. And now she wants another four years so she can accomplish nothing.

This election has truly been one for the history books, but don’t forget that this is still an election and whoever wins will be in charge of the United States for the next four years. At first glance Clinton might seem like the clear choice. If you do a minuscule amount of research, however, you will find that she may not be the candidate for you.