Trump, the Unqualified Chump


Donald Trump is one of the most unqualified men to ever receive the republican nomination for presidency. He has managed to make half of the country’s population despise him, and he has somehow figured out how to turn the most diehard republicans against him. He has collected a cult like following of supporters who previously did not care about politics so reverently. His following has pursued a twisted logic that figures out how to defend him from opposing viewpoints all around. His racist, and sexist comments have pitted many people against him. His stances on the constitution, abortion and immigration endanger our populus.

A comment that Trump’s supporters frequently make in encouragement of his lewd attitude is that he “speaks his mind.” The thought is that speaking one’s mind over rules any offense that the receiver of it takes. When in reality the bluntness can make someone even more offended. A question that the population has to ask itself is: do you want a President that can so quickly offend another large world leader? One that won’t think twice before calling them “very dumb,” “crooked,” or even “a joke.” These are three of countless names  Trump has used for fellow politicians.

One thing that is common with many of our great leaders is that they stand by their word, or at least acknowledge its wrong. They aren’t hypocrites. Trump has a common trend of contradicting himself, and denying he made statements that he made, while past leaders state what they plan on defending or apologize for wrong comments and own up to mistakes. Trump is a hypocrite, doesn’t apologize for his actions, and sometimes even denies that he made them. During the presidential debate, Clinton attacked Trump for not paying taxes which he then responded with “that makes me smart,” then denied that he said that only one hour later. His hypocrisy also overwhelms him, he pretends to stand so firmly on topics like outsourced labor. He says we are losing jobs to illegal immigrants and that we are buying supplies from China, when we shouldn’t have too. After having all this out on the table it is discovered that some of his buildings have been built with chinese steel, and he also employed illegal immigrant workers. The exact actions he seems to be so reverently against. If the leader of our country can not stand by his own word, we cannot trust them.

Trump is not for women. He doesn’t have their best interest at mind, and he doesn’t respect women. Trump’s ideas for abortion are not healthy, and it is not his place to make those comments. Trump has been quoted multiple times saying that he wishes to reverse Roe v. Wade. Reversing Roe v. Wade would severely restrict or ban abortion, making a choice for everyone that should be an individual’s. A man telling a woman what to do with her body is not okay; furthermore, not giving women the choice to abort is taking away a basic medical right. Trump tries to get support for his views on the matter by using scare rhetoric, using phrases like “ripping the baby out of the womb.” Trump tries to scare and make people feel bad to agree with him. He doesn’t use logical reasoning.

In continuation, he has alienated many many groups of our population. It ranges from large chunks of our population, like Mexicans, and African-Americans, to groups as simple as the people of Iowa.  Trump has disrespected disabled people across the world when he mocked Serge Kovaleski on camera. He waved his arms in a way evoking that of Kovaleski, who has a disability where he cannot control the movement of his arms, when asked to apologize, Trump denied knowing who Kovaleski was. Over the years Kovaleski has interviewed Trump 12 times. During one Trump rally, he is quoted saying, “Mexican immigrants are bringing drugs, crime, and they are rapists.” About the Black population, Trump retweeted a tweet with false statistics that implied that black people kill more people of any race than everyone else. During one speech Trump was quoted saying “How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?” referring to Ben Carson’s life story, his habits follow that of a elementary school boy, insulting those who don’t like him.

Many republicans boast to be very very dedicated to the republican party and cause. Now, many have turned their back against Trump. This is unusual; many are turning their back on him publicly as the most conservative of the group, staying dedicated to the party and its morals through thick and thin. Many of his own party don’t even believe he upholds the republican morals.

Many supporters of Trump will tell you that his strong business background will help him solve our national debt problem. But Trump is not even a good businessman. If anything, he is an awful one. Trump has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy 11 times since 1990. In one specific case he drew one hundred million dollars from an initial public offering of the shareholders for a casino business and then paid himself a ten million dollar salary for the next ten years, after which the business went under. Just one of the many businesses. Now if he is supposed to run this country like his businesses, we are in for some trouble! These are the businesses of the “amazing business man” his supporters will tell you about.

Donald Trump will pit other countries against us. All of his habits are that of an unhealthy and dangerous leader, he should not be in charge of our country, or any country.