Francesca Olegario


What do you like about Community?

I like how you can easily talk to people here about a lot of things where you can’t really do that at other schools, it’s like really big and nobody knows you.

What’s your favorite mural here?

My favorite mural? I think I really like the tiger mural over there, that one that’s really disproportionate, it really bothers me, but I like it.

Are you into art?

Yes I am.

What kind of art do you like to do?

I like any media, I can’t really choose a favorite.

What are some of your favorites?

I like painting and I like printmaking.

Describe your favorite painting that you’ve done before.

I did a painting of a head facing sideways, it’s like a profile, a side profile. It was all in warm tone oranges and reds and I really like that because I really like the monochromatic looks now.