Ann Arbor Skyron v.s. University Liggett School Women’s Ice Hockey


As fans begin to fill in the cold bleachers, Ann Arbor Skyron women’s ice hockey team warms up for their fifth game at the Veterans Memorial Ice Rink against the University Liggett School, a private, independent school located in Grosse Pointe Woods, Mi.   

The buzzer sounds and the teams return to their side to talk with their coach before the game. The announcer begins introducing the Liggetts players and then continues to announce Skyron’s players. This is followed by Skyron player, Catherine Nicoli, singing the National Anthem.

The game begins with six players out from each team and the drop of the puck. Skyron wins the draw and takes it to the Liggetts side of the rink. Throughout the first period both teams seem to be at an equal playing level. The first goal is made by Skyron’s number 12 with two minutes and eight seconds to go in the first period. As this period ends, Skyron is up 1-0.

The second period begins with each team defending the opposite side as before. The draw is won by Liggetts. Throughout the beginning of the second period both teams look good. With 11 minutes and 11 seconds left, Sophie Jones, number 16, shoots a goal and makes the score 2-0, Skyron in the lead. With around four minutes left in the second period, a penalty is given to Liggetts for an illegal play. Skyron now has six players on the ice whereas Liggetts only have five. The second period ends, the score is 2-0, Skyron leading.  

Before the third period, there is a short break. The zamboni comes out to clean the ice and each team goes to meet outside of the rink. Fans wait patiently for the third period to begin as music is played throughout the rink.

The players file back onto the ice, each team does a quick warmup and then the period begins. Liggetts win the draw. With 11 minutes and 16 seconds left, number 11 scores for the Liggetts, making the score 2-1. Within 17 seconds, number 10 scores as well. Now the score is 2-2. The game ends in a tie with the final score being 2-2. Players skate to the middle of the rink to shake hands with the opposing team then meet up with their coach to talk about the game. Fans begin to leave the rink and some wait around to talk to the players.