Pioneer vs Bedford Men’s Varsity Basketball Game


Cold snow fell from the sky outside of Pioneer High School, as friends and family filed into the Pioneer High School gymnasium and filled up the student section. They were here to watch the Ann Arbor Pioneer vs Bedford men’s varsity basketball game. Both teams were warming up on the court as the time drew closer to 7 p.m.

The game began,and Pioneer constantly led by roughly 10 points throughout both the first and second quarter. As the first quarter ended, a buzzer beater was made by number three for Pioneer. Throughout the second half both teams showed good playing skills and put up a good fight. Half time came and the score was 39-32 with Pioneer in the lead. So far, a very close game.

During half time, fans waited patiently for the teams to come back out and continue playing.

The third quarter began and it was still a very close game. At three minutes and 21 seconds left, number 21 went to save a ball which began to go out of bounds and ended up falling into the bleachers. After a few seconds passed, he gets up and continues playing. Both teams continue scoring, but the score grew closer. Third quarter ends and the score is 59-51 with Pioneer in the lead.

The fourth quarter started and the score grows even closer. At one minute and 31 seconds left, Bedford brought the score up to 68-72 but Pioneer was still in the lead. With 10 seconds left, the score was just a two point difference, 73-15. Both teams played a good game, but Pioneer took the win with a 4 point lead. The final score was 77-73.

Since the game was played at Pioneer, there were more Pioneer fans. And as the game ended, applause and excitements circled the gymnasium. Both teams left to talk with their coaches as fans began to leave the warm school and make their way home in the cold, winter air.