“La La Land” Review

One by one, people made their way to the ticket booth under the shining Michigan Theater sign, each ordering a ticket for the 7:15 p.m. showing of “La La Land,” a popular new romantic musical comedy film released on Dec. 9, 2016 in theaters. “La La Land” has already won six Golden Globes and seven Critics choice award. The film is a must see with its cast, screenplay, music and brightly colored scenes.

The lights dim as the movie starts. Set in modern day, the film captures the essence of old Hollywood. The opening scene of “La La Land” was made for anyone with a heart for huge and spectacular musical numbers. Over 100 extras sung and danced on cars lined up in traffic on the Los Angeles freeway to the song “Another Day of Sun.” As the chaos stops the camera pans to a young aspiring actress named Mia (Emma Stone) with an aspiring jazz artist behind her named Sebastian (Ryan Gosling).

The movie continues with both Mia and Sebastian coincidentally running into each other a few times before actually talking. Their love hate relationship brings in a personal connection for the most of the audience that has dealt with similar relationships.

With their similarity of dreaming, the two form a bond to help each other achieve their goals. Their relationship blooms and Mia and Sebastian go on a magical date at the planetarium infamous Griffith Observatory- featured in the pivotal film “Rebel Without a Cause” starring James Dean -located in Los Angeles, California. Piano plays softly with brass instruments joining in. Mia and Sebastian dance and sing. They fly and they smile. A truly beautiful moment in the movie.

Conflict arises when neither of the two are following what they want to do. The pact they made with each other a year ago to help themselves follow their aspirations was slowly diminishing, making them both sad and angry with one another.

With the last brink of hope Sebastian pushes Mia to one more audition, the one that changes her life and his. Mia is granted a role she can’t turn down and moves to Paris while Sebastian stays in L.A. to focus on opening his own jazz club.

The movie fast forwards to five years later and give the audience a bitter pill to swallow. The two living are their dreams but not with one another. Sniffles fill the audience in front of the screen. A flash of moments pops up as if the two dreamers had stayed together. When it wasn’t true it made the audience even more sad.

Although the end was tear worthy, the entire movie was bright, funny, fresh and brilliant. “La La Land” is a movie worth seeing twice.