Image credit to genius.com

It was difficult for me to choose a song to lose my Song-of-the-Day virginity to, but “Dang!” was compelling from the first beat. I think it was this fact alone that pushed me to make my choice. The first time I heard it, I was hooked by the time Anderson .Paak’s barely-audible breath comes around just before the hook.

This is the second track off Mac Miller’s fourth and newest album, “The Divine Feminine,” and my first exposure to both of the artists. It was an effective gateway drug, one which provided comfortable listening that builds from the beginning beats into a song that I kept hoping would come on when I shuffled my Spotify playlist. “The Divine Feminine” is composed entirely of love songs, and this song is no exception—over muted beats Mac Miller repeatedly declares, however hesitant and hot/cold, his affection. Anderson .Paak is a key player as well, smoothly singing his hook and how he “can’t keep losing you” over and over until there is no doubt that it is true.

The men get sensitive in order to maintain their relationships, and in my opinion it works. The soft synth chords and silky vocals over them create the right atmosphere for effortless affirmations of love. The obvious attachment is there, but it isn’t too overbearing or in your face. It’s a late-night “wyd” text with a little more flair, and it’s almost guaranteed he’s getting a reply.