Spastic Max


Beginning ominously, a heavy beat the prelude to the song’s first line “It was 1999,” Edward Scissortongue’s “Spastic Max” builds anticipation in the listener as a story slowly unfolds through their earbuds. Off of his debut album “Better. Luck. Next. Life” released in 2012, Scissortongue brings an intense listening experience with his heavy voice and a pounding beat that reverberates through your ears. A British rapper all the way through, Scissortongue is an expert storyteller as he spins a story of drug abuse, struggle, and ultimately death. A thick accent clouding over the majority of Scissortongue’s words to the point that, in your American head, they are basically gibberish. “Spastic Max” takes you on an experience of dark alleys and mystery— a downright thriller as you nod your head to words you can barely understand. If you listen deep you’ll catch the severity, the true darkness and sadness of the song, but otherwise it’s just an all around banger for the real British rap lover, or even maybe just the somewhat real British rap lover. Either way, Scissortongue’s words really do cut like scissors.