Shorts on the Ledge 2017


Ruby Taylor and Avani Carter

Community High School’s annual poetry reading Shorts on the Ledge happened on Tuesday, April 25, during Forum time in Craft Theatre. This annual reading originally started on the second floor ledge near the main office. Poets would stand on the ledge, and people would come clog up the hallway and watch. Nobody could get through the hall and people would be forced to stay and watch. It then grew too big for the ledge, got moved into Craft Theatre, and evolved to the readers wearing shorts. Eventually people stopped wearing shorts, but Shorts on the Ledge remained the name. However, this year’s hosts Emily Fishman and Hannah Rubenstein, wore shorts without knowing the history.

The reading included 10 student poets, a poem read by Ellen Stone, leader of Poetry Club, and a rap by Robert Morgan.

Enjoy video of the readings strung together below:

In order of appearance:

Thea Rowe: 0:00

Avani Carter: 1:19

Alexis Atkins: 3:04

Danny Freiband: 4:13

Isabel Perry: 5:22

Isabel Ratner: 6:32

Fiona Lynch: 8:44

Carter Schmidt: 10:03

Kyndall Flowers: 11:42