Known by some as “the Father of Europe,” the namesake of this tune by the English band The Blossoms has little to do with the actual meaning of the song. The title of the song was suggested by the brother of Tom Ogden, singer and guitarist for The Blossoms. The medieval King Charlemagne came to mind after overhearing lyrics early in the development of the song (specifically, “Science came, my kingdom reigned.”)

I first stumbled upon “Charlemagne” by chance, and the exuberant energy reverberating through the song quickly drew me in. Themes of unrequited, all-consuming love simultaneously evoke nostalgia and excitement: “The doctors knew, prescribe me you/ Below, below the amber sky,” and “And the river always flows tears of gold/Left me cold, do you feel the same, my Charlemagne?”

There is a unique nature about “Charlemagne” that is maybe only understood by hearing it. Give a listen to “Charlemagne” when you feel remorseful, apoplectic, or perhaps particularly zealous about medieval monarchy.

Let me know how you like it.