Whitmore Lake Hosts Steiner vs. Calchoun

The halls of Whitmore Lake Early Childhood Center rang with bellowing cheered and crowd chanted as the Steiner Storms played the Calchoun Cougars in varsity volleyball on Oct. 6. The game started at 6 o’clock, and 14 minutes in, it was already tied at 11-11. “It’s a constant back and forth fight between the two teams,” says audience member Brooke Fisher. “I can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out!”

Around the 15 minute mark, Calchoun number 5 Maya Wilson, made a close save and spiked the ball to safety. While the same play continued for several seconds, the play eventually ended with a win for Steiner. The Storms celebrated by coming together and hugging it out. As the first set comes to half time, Steiner is in the lead, 20-24. Head coach Jatell Driver directed her team efficiently and in an orderly manner. There are several recorded saves made by Calchoun number 4, Lindsey Barry and Steiner number 1, Payton Rotche.

The first set ended with a win for Calchoun. “Exciting, first game was pretty good,” says Fisher. “But Steiner has to bring it back next set!” The Steiner Storms were determined to make a comeback, displayed their facial expressions and team chants. As the teams came back out for their second match, Steiner yelled iconic team chants to intimidate the Cougars. The Cougars yelled back with their unclear but very loud screams.

A big play was made between Calchoun’s number 1, Gabi Knickerbocker and Steiner number 8, Isabel Andrews. The play consisted of Knickerbocker impressively tipping the ball right over the net, yet before the ball reaches the ground, Isabel dives on the ground for the ball, winning a point for Steiner. While the audience cheers, her smiling teammates help her to her feet. The second set goes to Calchoun, just beating Steiner at 22-25.

During the whole third set, both teams show great teamwork skills by working together to get the ball to the other side, and always coming together after a point is scored. Both teams group hug and tell each teammate that they “did a good job,” no matter who scores. A big play was made by both number 12 on Steiner and 4 on Calchoun, Ruby Bernard and Lindsey Barry. Lindsey accepts a gracious serve from Ruby, elegantly sending it back over the net. The third set is given to Steiner, their first win of the night.

The fourth set’s highlight moment occured when Calchoun’s number 00, Lauren Wilcox wiped out to save a hard spike, sliding beside the concession table, and almost knocking down the table and the sale ladies. Although

the point was made to Steiner, the whole gym clapped and cheered as Lauren brushed off dust from her knees and got back to her position. As the last ball of the set it served, the student section of the gym starts up recurring chants. Steiner student Sam Wasserman, and schoolmates shows school spirit by painting storms on their faces and shouting fan chants, showcasing the classic “Let’s go Steiner, let’s go!” and clapping in rhythm. The high intensity of the fourth set ends with another win for Calchoun.

The game ends with 3-1, Calchoun for the win. Both teams lined up along the net and high fived the other team. “I’m super happy with this match,” head coach Jatell states. While asked who stood out in the match, she mentioned Isabel Andrews as their skillful setter and Audrey Rosier, both said to move quickly and carefully. Riley Rybiki, while eating a brownie, mentioned that “we played pretty well, and now I’m really tired.” The two teams will be playing their planned games in the future, but won’t be playing each other for quite some time.