Nicola Yoon’s “Everything, Everything”


In 2015 the now well-known author, Nicola Yoon, came out with her first book, “Everything, Everything,” a compelling page turner that describes the story of Maddy Whitter and Olly Bright.

For her entire life, Maddy has been restricted to the same clean, calm, and protected house she has lived in for as long as she remembers, due to a rare disease, which doesn’t allow her to leave. Despite never having gone outside or ever interacting with anyone her age, Maddy is quite content with her simple and safe life, with her only company being her mother, online instructors, and nurse — who also acts as her best friend — Carla.

Maddy’s contentment with this way of life only lasts so long. She may have not even realized it at first, but from the moment she sees Olly Bright and his family from outside her small bedroom window, her entire world begins to flip upside down.

Throughout the book, Yoon steadily builds the relationship between the innocent and inexperienced: Maddy and the wild, adventurous, classic teenage boy, Olly. The unexpected pair grows closer and closer through emails, notes, and secret hangouts.

This story of love, adventure, and great risk has more to it than just a captivating and enjoyable read. It also has hidden meanings to look for and learn from. The most prominent one, stated at the top of this book’s front cover is “The greatest risk is not taking one.” Just when you believe there’s no hope, Maddy makes an extremely difficult decision, taking a huge risk, which drives the book to take a complete twist that is full of suspense, leaving readers wanting more.

Yoon does an excellent job creating this completely unpredictable and suspenseful novel, making it a page turner that once picked up, is hard to put down. Telling the story of two polar opposite teenagers, with completely different backgrounds falling in love and risking everything for each other, Yoon is also able to incorporate some valuable lessons about trust, relationships, love, and risk that apply in everyday life.