Sunday Morning Jetpack

After a two year hiatus, on Feb 3, 2017 Big Sean released what is considered his fourth full length album, “I Decided.” The album was a big step for Sean; it contrasted his previous projects due to the scarcity of features and the humble reflections on his past. It also had a carrying theme; taking chances and living the life you have to the fullest, it made the album much more complete and unified than its predecessors.

Sean claims he feels that this life is his one opportunity to achieve his goals and inspire people and “I Decided.” is him defining his impact and how he wants to be remembered, “That’s why I put a period on the end of it because this is definitive,” said Sean. “I Decided.” is a diverse project containing records such as “Light” which detail Sean’s spirituality and upbringing as well as snare-heavy chart toppers such as “Moves.” In the middle of the spectrum lies a song that summarizes Sean’s message well, “Sunday Morning Jetpack.” 
On “Sunday Morning Jetpack” Sean reminisces about his teenage years using anecdotes and memories, vividly illustrating his relationship with his family and the environment he was raised in:

This feel like the family dinners that we used to have on Sunday With Grandma in the kitchen making rum cake / Or this spread she used to do for Thanksgiving, man /
This feels like the first time I heard Killa Cam”

The beat is made up of a gentle piano loop and slow, hollow percussion over a soft choral hum. With riffs of strings and fragile vocals delivered by The-Dream, “Sunday Morning Jetpack” is an uplifting and buoyant  track that encompasses “I Decided.” as a whole.

Big Sean has developed as an artist in many ways; both his content and impact have matured significantly as Sean’s music caters less and less to radio listeners and more to his core fanbase. Sean has chosen to redirect his trajectory as an artist and I think this will produce more raw and personal records which for any fan is an exciting change to see.