Matteo Procoppe – Athlete Profile

Photography by: Aurelie Procoppe

As he winds up in hopes of scoring another goal for Skyline High School, Matteo Procoppe tunes out the cheers of the crowd and his team to put all his focus into his shot. Born and raised in France, Procoppe has been playing water polo since he was seven years old. Now, he has made himself known as the number one water polo player in Michigan and 73rd best water polo player in the United States, based on the National Interscholastic Water Polo Coaches Association (NIWPCA).

“I had a neighbor that played water polo so every once in awhile he would invite me over to his house to teach me,” Procoppe said. “One day I decided I wanted to go to one of his games so, I went to this big professional game at my club and watched all these adults play really cool water polo.”