Ian Keller


Photography by Alec Redding

“One of the most important people to me is my friend who I’ve known since I was very young named Livy. She’s always been there for me and she recently had to move to London. We’ve still kept in touch almost every single day. It’s really shown me that if I want to keep in touch with somebody, even if they aren’t physically near me, I can. I’m able to still remain friends with her even though she’s so far away. Her dad has a job in London but her mom wasn’t really happy in London, so they came back, but her mom wasn’t really happy here either so then they went back [to London]. She’s just getting dragged around. I really feel for her, but it’s really nice to have a person who you can always talk to even though they’re all the way across the world. I’ve known her since I was born basically. We’ve lived next to each other. When we were really little, maybe three or five we used to spend our birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese and just invite each other. [My favorite thing about her is] that every time I see her when she comes to visit, it’s immediately back to where we were. There’s no skipping a beat or anything.”