10 Valentine’s Day Gifts if You’re Broke


For Valentine’s day, teens find themselves in the situation where they don’t have enough money to buy the right gifts that mean something for their friends. Some cheap ideas are listed below!


Chocolates, stuffed animals and flowers:

The classic way to do Valentine’s Day is just a box of chocolates and red roses. It’s both cheap and has this significant meaning that can make anyone feel good about themselves.


Letters, poems, etc:

The easiest way to show that you care about a person is by letting them know through your words. Writing cheesy poems and crappy love songs always make a person laugh and blush, why not do it unconditionally on the love holiday!



Along with the idea of writing a letter or poem to the one you love, you could also create a scrapbook. It sounds hard but really isn’t. You could print cute pictures off of a printer and tape them into a book you find that is cheap, almost anywhere. It’s something that will make a person’s day ten times brighter than before and also will be something that both of you can look back at together in later years.



You have spent many nights dancing hard to music and crying you hearts with your best friends. You have spent many times hanging out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, laughing, joking around and having a good time while listening to your favorite songs. After all these times, you guys must have specific songs that you guys listen to together. Find those songs and put them all together so your Valentines can smile and think back on those memories on this spectacular day!


Spa day:

This day is supposed to be a day filled with love and relaxation. It can be a day filled with face masks, henna, bubble baths, and relaxing music. If you know someone that is extremely stressed out about their classes this semester and want to show them that you care, create a spa day for both of you to take a day off! It’s very easy to just go online and watch a DIY for face masks, many playlists for relaxing music, cheap stores downtown to find henna and all you need is soap for a bubble bath.



These days everyone likes a nice picture of themselves. Why not take a best friend or your Valentine out to a beautiful area around town and take pictures of them and make them feel good about themselves on this day!


Set a price limit and go at it:

You and your Valentine can go to any cheap store, and set a price limit for the other and give a time limit for the shopping spree. When you think of a shopping spree you probably think about money. Hundreds of dollars being spent on things you want. But why not have a shopping spree with five dollar in your pocket? You could get packs of your partner’s favorite gum, you could get their favorite drink, you could get them a simple card and tell them how much you love them. By finding those small gifts and knowing exactly what do get with that fixed price, shows the other person how much you know them. The gift of your friend knowing simple things about you is enough for some people on Valentine’s Day.


Cheap meals out in downtown Ann Arbor:

There are many places downtown that have really good, cheap food. Fleetwood Diner, Blimpy Burger, Kosmos, AMA, Frida Batidos, Chela’s, and many more have these traits.


For relationships specifically:

Many relationships have memories with each other that are unexplainable. There are many scents, pictures, scenes, foods, and just simple memories that are shared with the other. Try to find that one thing and it might make no sense to a friend that you are close to but it might make 100% sense to your special someone. If you think it will make the other happy, it’s the perfect gift.


Scavenger hunt:

A scavenger hunt is the perfect way to have fun and not spend much money at all. You could simply write clues on pieces of paper leading to other places and at the end have a gift, or a special place or just a scavenger hunt to find you.