Daniel Giampetroni Athlete Profile


How long have you been playing Lacrosse?

I started playing in sixth grade for the Ann Arbor Blue Jays. Most players in Ann Arbor play for them in middle school.


What are your favorite memories from being on that team?

I played goalie, so after every win the team would dog pile on me. If the game was close, it was always exciting to get big saves and then get dog piled on.


Do you still play goalie?

No I switched to defense freshman year, we had another goalie who was better than me so I switched to defense.


What makes Lacrosse fun?

Everything can happen at once it’s really exciting, like when you have the ball every player has to attack. It’s really fast paced and exciting when your in the game and running down with the ball.


How’s Pioneer looking this year?

Last year we had a few players who currently play in college. So we’ve got big shoes to fill. But we’ve started off really well. I’m very excited to play conference games.


Do you have a favorite college Lacrosse team?

Michigan, they are great this year. They just beat Notre Dame who is ranked fourth in the country so I think they will be good this year.