"Project Baby 2" is Kodak Black's fifth mixtape and debuted 2 months after his release from jail.

In his song “Unexplainable,” off of his 2nd commercial release “Project Baby 2,” Kodak Black explores his frustrations surrounding his growing fame, his changing style, conflicts with fans and critics alike, and his own struggle with the dichotomy between his origins and his newfound celebrity status. “Project Baby 2,” appropriately named after his first official mixtape “Project Baby,” works as a callback and reflection on his trap-rap roots. Juxtaposed against the main themes of his first mixtape, “Project Baby 2” composes all of Kodak’s dissatisfactions with the pressures of his new life: added media attention, criticisms of his previous and current lifestyle, and misunderstandings between him and his fans.  

The instrumental, produced by Murda Beatz, is refreshing to say the least. In an era dominated by bass-heavy, complex instrumentals, Murda Beatz’s minimalistic approach to his track allows Kodak’s lyrics and unique wordplay to shine. The instrumental hook is infectious with its use of minor chords and dissonant tones, and the main-line drum pattern is rather simple but incredibly catchy. His wordplay is reminiscent of Eminem’s; he bends and twists words, changing their natural sound to better rhyme and fit the meter of the song. “Everybody finna have their own impression. I’ve been through too much so I don’t like expressing.” (Verse 1, Line 1&2). Although impression and expressing do not necessarily rhyme in their standard pronunciation, Kodak’s use of ‘word bending’ allows him to create more versatile and complex bars, creating a unique sound that is unmatched by his contemporaries.  

Although commonly associated with his mumble-rap artist peers, who are notorious for ‘underdeveloped’ lyrics and monotony in their songs, Kodak’s lyrics are usually fairly creative and engaging in comparison. His bars in “Unexplainable” are inspired and heartfelt, and effectively communicates his distress and desires while being quite witty at the same time. “…seeing more so I elevate. Say go back to the Kodak of the first mixtape.”(verse 2, line 11&12). This bar conveys Kodak’s distaste for his over-nostalgic fans and critics, while also making a direct allusion to his first mixtape, which is particularly clever because “Project Baby 2” is a spiritual successor to “Project Baby,” and Kodak is acknowledging that he has indeed deviated from his roots, but he does not care.

Kodak is stuck between two worlds and two lives. He understands his roots and doesn’t want to leave his beginnings behind, however he acknowledges that there is a large risk for him if he returns to a trap-rap lifestyle, because of his new celebrity and probational status. “I’m rich but I’m ridin’ through the project. I’m not even supposed to be here I’m on house arrest. So, how you finna say ‘I forgot who raised me.’ When I’m takin’ chances knowin’ this a violation.”(verse 2, line 1-4). He’s frustrated with the added criticisms of his new life, and is most hurt by claims that he has changed and forgotten his roots even though his circumstances and obligations have forced him to change his lifestyle.

Kodak delivers yet another classic track with the release of “Unexplainable,” and although “Project Baby 2” is filled to the brim genuine and thoughtful material, “Unexplainable” shines through as one of Kodak’s best and personable works.

Through the Kodak’s struggles presented in “Project Baby 2”, he has had to come out of situations a victorious, yet changed man. In “Unexplainable,” he reflects on how his peers want him to change his ways for the better, but when he’s actually out there on his grind he sees nothing but resentment from his “supporters.”