Limited Distractions


Independent learning instead of 30 students; at your own pace instead of assignments due the next class period; and weekly check-ins rather than daily classes. These are just three of the perks Emily Robinson, junior at CHS, described when explaining what it is like to take an online class. She takes online Health and Wellness with Melissa Poli through A2Virtual.

“For me taking an online class is more helpful for my learning because the distractions are limited,” Robinson said. “I can choose to study where there aren’t 30 students having private conversations or tapping their pencil.”

Taking an online class gives you the freedom of workspace, independent learning and the ability to work at your own pace. Robinson prefers to work at Westgate Library or Sweetwaters during her free block.

“The library is nice because there are no distractions, it is quiet and that really helps me work,” Robinson said. “Sweetwaters has noises every so often which sometimes can be distracting but it still is a good environment for me to work.”

Robinson thinks that she would improve on time management for the class. Since it is self-paced, making sure all of the assignments get done and you still take in all the information is very important.

With taking an online class at CHS, you get a free block which means you have time in the school day to use towards your online class.

“Another perk about taking an online class is that you can work at your own pace,” Robinson said. “If I have a heavy workload at Community, I can work on those assignments first and then my online assignments.”