For Your Precious Love

For Your Precious Love

I would like to start by saying that this is inevitably going to be a plug for the film “Mr. Nobody,” but even more unavoidable than that is the plug for love – not cuffing season or the heart on Snapchat but the type that Otis Redding sings about in “For Your Precious Love” – which I think you’ll understand once you listen: the way he sings about that emotion is really something else.  

For Your Precious Love is a December song, in the winter before it gets too slushy and gray. I saw “Mr. Nobody” in December, where For Your Precious Love plays during a very beautiful scene that goes on a touch too long. The scene is about a third of the way through the movie, so if you don’t feel like sitting all the through a vaguely existential movie that doesn’t quite make sense, you can still catch a little bit of Otis Redding-style intense affection before the screen goes black.

This can also be an August song, in the summer after the heat of the day breaks. Unfortunately most people don’t stand outside of houses with boomboxes anymore, but honestly I think this song would be worth the two minutes and fifty six seconds of bicep pain for the reaction you would get after the final note. If that’s not your style – or you’ve been skipping lifting in favor of leg day, which happens to the best of us – maybe play this when you’re on aux driving your more-than-friend home at night.

Look, we get it. This sappy stuff isn’t really your thing. But try it at least once, because something might just happen. I almost guarantee it, and so does Otis Redding.

See you after the big crunch,