What’s to come for Brett Kilgore


Going into his third year teaching, Brett Kilgore has a lot on his plate. He is teaching economics and geometry, along with running his own forum for the second year in a row. Not to mention managing his own children, Kilgore has a lot to handle.

As a relatively new teacher to Community High School, Kilgore has always shared a room. Over the past few years Kilgore has had to go to many different rooms to teach his class. Constantly going from floor to floor, was not only a hassle physically, but it also made it harder to prepare his class. Luckily for him, he now is stationed in room 300 for all of his classes, and shares his room with Judith Dewoskin, who has been teaching for over 30 years.

“I feel this year I am off to a very strong start,” Kilgore said. ‘Students are ready to go, maybe a little more than the past couple of years.”

He is also intrigued about seeing how much money his forum will raise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. As a bit of an incentive, Kilgore has teachers’ pictures on the front of the donation jars. The three teachers with the most money in their jar will get pied, in hopes to raise as much money as possible to the cause.

In terms of his plans for the rest of the year, Kilgore hopes to move beyond the standard economics textbook a bit, by doing projects and incorporating the community a little more into his curriculum. He wants to step back from lecturing frequently, and let his students grapple the material.