What the DWOW Halloween Dance means to CHS


An event that has been run by Judith Dewoskin and her forum for over 20 years is returning on Oct. 26. The DWOW Halloween Dance is this Friday, and will be a great time for all Community High students.
English teacher and beloved forum leader, Judith Dewoskin, started the dance before her forum was even known as DWOW, but it has turned into a tradition at CHS. She wishes for kids to have a good time and embrace a holiday that can sometimes be lost by high schoolers.

“The point of the dance is to have fun,” Dewoskin said. “I think it is important in a school to have a good time with the whole student body.”

The dance is from 8-11 p.m., and is very informal. Students are encouraged, but not required to wear a costume, and tickets range from three to five dollars. They are three dollars when purchased in advance, and cost four to five dollars at the door (four dollars with a costume and five dollars without). The earnings from the event will help contribute to the Dewoskin forum’s donation to Food Gatherers, as well as help fund the DWOW forum trip this spring.

CHS students will need to bring their Student ID as well as a ticket, or the money to purchase one, to be able to enter the dance. Other students are allowed to come as long as they are from an AAPS school and have their ID to validate them.

One of many posters hanging throughout CHS.

Even though the dance begins at eight, Dewoskin does not want kids to arrive before then, and emphasized that she cannot let anyone in earlier.

Upon arrival you should head to the main floor (second floor), and go to the Craft Theater located across from Robbie Stapleton’s room. You are not allowed to go on inside of any classrooms, or go anywhere on the first or third floor. Bathrooms will be available on the second floor and water will be supplied at the dance. Food however will not be, so Dewoskin recommends that students should eat before arriving.

The dance will conclude at 11 p.m., when students will be instructed to leave CHS. Dewoskin encourages students to contact their parents before then, so that they arrive at 11 and students do not have to wait outside in the cold weather. Nevertheless, Dewoskin is prepared to wait until all kids have safely exited before leaving the school.
Dewoskin and the DWOW forum hope that the dance will be a success, and that this tradition can continue for years to come.