Athlete Q&A: Tommy Letke


Name: Tommy Letke

Sport: Hockey

School: Skyline

Key Terms:

AAA: Nationally recognized as the highest level of youth competition.

MDHL: Michigan Developmental Hockey League.


When did you start playing hockey and why?

I started playing hockey when I was six. I wanted to play hockey because my dad used to play. Early on I found a love for the game. I used to play centre for two years, I started playing goalie when I was eight and as soon as I stepped in goal I knew that’s where I wanted to play.


What is your weekly commitment?

During the high school season I play 5-6 days a week. During the off season I play 2-3 days a week on ice and also a couple workout sessions off ice. Sometimes more if we have tournaments.


What is the most memorable moment in your hockey career?

Probably being second in the nation when I played for The Chelsea Chiefs. Another thing I’m really proud of is winning against a Russian AAA team in a shootout during one of our tournaments.


What is your worst moment in your career?

I would say losing to Pioneer in the playoffs last year. Pioneer is a good team but I thought we should have won the game. It was a sad time in the locker room after that game to say the least.


What do you plan to do in the future with hockey?

I am going to keep playing for Skyline, and in the off season I plan to keep playing for MDHL U15 AAA. I’m not sure where it will go from there but right now I’m focused on getting ready for the Skyline season.