Self Care

Self Care

A little over a month before Mac Miller passed away on September 2018, he released his final album “Swimming.”

“Swimming” is unlike most of Miller’s other albums, due to it’s mellow intros and slow rhythms. “Self Care” is one song that exemplifies “Swimming’s” overall tone. Although Miller’s tragic passing due to drug overdose renders “Self Care’s” eponymous message ironic, it also shows the message’s importance and the impact on your life that a lack of selfishness can cause. “Self Care” in Miller’s eye’s is the focus on making yourself come before others.

Can’t trust no one, can’t even trust yourself yeah

And I love you, I don’t love nobody else, yeah

Tell them they can take that bullshit elsewhere

Self care, I’m treatin’ me right

Hell yea, we’re gonna be alright

Miller’s lyrics convey relatable ideas, that it’s not always easy to trust yourself.

“Self Care,” although a powerful message, has a powerful beat as well. The slow tune, and heavy bass, combined with a repeating vocal sample make for a hypnotizing beat.

Miller’s death shocked people world wide, but his music will continue to live on.