Mai Seyfarth

Mai Seyfarth

On a vacation in Frankfurt, MI, Dehydrated, 13-year-old  Mai Seyfarth went into a GoodWill and bestowed her eyes on a small baby doll on sale for only two dollars. With its bright red eyes and dressed in a fuzzy squirrel-bear suit, she knew she had to have it.

“I used to play with dolls but I honestly was never interested in them until I found this really weird one,” Seyfarth said.  “I hadn’t had any water [yet] so I was a bit loopy, so it was kinda an impulse buy, because it was so bizarre looking and because I wasn’t at my full decision making capacity.” Fortinantly Seyfarth doesn’t regret her decision.

Within a couple months after her purchase, Seyfarth bought another doll.

Today, Seyfarth is still continuing to buy these creepy dolls and has started a collection dedicated to them. Her ‘main crew’ consist of around 15 dolls.

“I’ve gotten some [of my dolls] at Vault of Midnight, but my favorites I get at thrift stores while I’m looking for clothes,” Seyfarth said. While collecting she also manages to continue her purchases for a reasonable price too. “I’ve never spent more than 10 dollars [while buying a doll].”

She’s currently keeping  most of them in a cabinet in her living room. Some more are scattered throughout her home hidden. Seyfarth also anticipates on purchasing more dolls to add to her collection. “People have started giving me them as gifts so they’re also starting to come from there,” Seyfarth said.

Seyfarth has developed a relationship with her dolls.

“[My relationship with the dolls and I] is good, we respect each other,” Seyfarth said. “[I] enjoy their company [and] hide them around the house.”

Even though her relationship with the dolls isn’t that long, Seyfarth is committed to them and cherished their time together. Within the three years she’s owned them, she’s expanded her collection, dedicated a space to them, and has given them a place to call home.