Position to win


On Friday, Feb. 8, Migos dropped their new single, “Position To Win,” a high-energy track that combines a hard-hitting trap beat, heavy synth melodies and the trio’s signature rapid-fire, triplet-flow rap style. The song was originally previewed in a Mountain Dew commercial around three weeks prior to its release, and is expected to appear on their upcoming album, “Culture III.”

The song has an upbeat, motivational vibe, showcased in Quavo’s intro and verse. “I take high risks ’cause I’m passionate / I get it fast, I’m grippin’ the bag, I’m dashin’ it” (Verse 1, Lines 8-9). Offset’s verse mentions Migos’ rise to fame in recent years. “Been through the struggle, we strong / Teamwork, dreamwork, nobody did it alone” (Verse 2, Lines 12-13). The final verse comes from Takeoff, who focuses on the group’s influence on rap music. “I’m on the boat, they ridin’ the wave / With no life vest, come float” (Verse 3, Lines 8-9). He also mentions the group’s success and status as some of the world’s top rappers. “We came from the bottom and now we on top and we just gon’ keep levelin’ up” (Verse 3, Line 16).

Frequent Migos collaborator DJ Durel and producer Tommee Profitt supplied the song’s beat, as well as Quavo under the name Huncho Did It. The fast-paced beat is heavy with hi-hats, snares and thundering claps, as well as gritty, whiny synth melodies and subtle synth bass.

“Position to Win” is a great motivational anthem, making it a perfect addition to a workout mix, or something to keep you awake in the morning. The song is an exciting first look at “Culture III,” which is anticipated to release in early 2019, though the tracklist and final release date are currently unknown.