Julian Seeburger’s plans after high school


Q: “What plans do you have for next year?”

A: “I’m not certain yet really. I guess one thing, living situation wise, I’m going to be moving like I’m renting a house with friends, people I know a lot better, which will be fun. And then I don’t know exactly, I’ll probably take a couple of classes at Washtenaw (Washtenaw Community College), but I’m not looking to get a diploma or anything. So it’ll probably just be like ceramics, maybe photography. I kind of want to learn Arabic so I might do that. I really want to take a trip to Japan, because I really like Japan. But I’ve never really traveled that much before, and it’d be a lot of planning and a lot of money. So I’m not certain about that yet, but basically, I have a few things that I am planning on maybe doing for a living, like maybe dog training, maybe [body] piercing because it’s pretty easy to get into and there’s not a lot of fem piercers. So there’s definitely a high demand for fem piercers, and they make a decent amount of money, and you only have to take a couple of health classes and then get an internship. I also want to do ceramics and other art related thing. But I think I might end up just probably doing a mix of those things.”