Skyline women’s varsity volleyball plays Ypsilanti


Zack Schueler

Skyline Women’s Volleyball With the City Trophy after winning it three years in a row.

The 2019 MHSSA volleyball season is coming to an end for the Women’s Skyline team as they defeat Ypsilanti winning the title City champs three years in a row. Skyline will either play Pioneer or Huron in the District semis and are expected to play Saline in the finals at Dexter.

“I think Kendall Murray and Stacie Warner have the biggest impacts on our team and during games because Kendall is one of the best all around players on the team and helps Stacie run our offense every time we’re on the court,” said Harper Murray, current freshman on the team.

In the game against Ypsilanti, the Eagles won in three sets: 25-4 the first set, 25-8 the second set and then 25-8, making Skyline’s record this season is 44-7 in sets.