My sister, my star


Ayla Soofi

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

she was one polka dotted

hair clip that changed the whole

look, the look that made her

shine brighter than the stars

up in the universe and the galaxy,

up and past the planets

into the imaginary

but what i know is that she 

is the brightest star among

the endless branches of light

that steered multiple directions

which made our eyes wander at

the meaningless objects, the 

small objects that made our hearts 

pump, and realize that even the 

smallest things in life make us question,

what did i do to deserve such a soul like hers?


she was the pin in my heart

which i could hear falling,

poked into the thickest material,

deflating the air of the tires 

from of the car that was soon to be

drifting, steering uncontrollably

into the darkest places, deep

deep down into the core of where

my heart laid, shattered, into a 

million pieces like glass, she 

glued it together with her smile

and she was there to shine up 

the direction i was headed in, 

the direction where the 

world became full of 

possibilities which opened 

up to me because

of her. 


her tiny bones and the 

static of which i can hear 

when i hug the warmness 

out of her body and the 

flow of her hair that loosens

from my finger as i try to

wrap it around, if only

it wasn’t too straight,

straight as a spaghetti 

stick that needed to be 

boiled because it was

too delicate to break apart

into tiny pieces that a raw 

eye can see, the small 

pecks given to her by me

on her nose send the giggles to

my ears and the sound

goes beyond the blazing stars 

in the sky, 

she was the one

who shined the brightest, 

the one who lightened up my world,

even in the darkest times

when we were thinking 

of the past which reminded 

us why we needed her 

the most.