Lost love:

A dream feeling

So real


Waking from a fantastic nightmare of:

Roses, swans,

And delicate maple leaves alike;

Peacefully floating a boat;

Sailing into the ceiling from an awakened,

Teary eye.


The eye of a naturally unnatural boy;

Scarred by a pleasant past interrupted 

By an intermittent tear from one he thought he loved. 


The eye of a boy growing too fast;

Hoping he can at least 

Downshift his inevitable fall into the future 

He’s afraid of because

Of what he’ll become


But his Hope lasts for days, then

Fades with the months as

Summer greens, to

Autumnal browns,

Dragging back the painfully 

Sentimental memories,

While pushing him away from them

Twice as hard. 


Elated recollection:

Joining love on the boat

That sailed away;

Only returning in dreams.