Hobbs Kessler places sixth overall in states


CHS student, Hobbs Kessler, was the only local runner to crack the top 25 in Brooklyn. He ran a 15:36.1 to finish sixth overall in the state. It was a great showing for the junior runner, and it certainly impressed his coach. Recently Kessler helped lead the Skyline Eagles to a thirteenth place finish in the team race. The junior dominated the Eagles, finished with 326 points, only 25 points away from placing eleventh.

“I think Hobbs ran great,” said Skyline coach Alex Moran. “He managed the conditions really well and stayed focused the whole time. We talked about how other runners would be going out really fast the first mile but would then start to fall off as they hit the mud.”

“Hobbs stayed calm early on and then started passing people as they came back to him. I think he also had one of the stronger finishes of the group up front. He got gapped pretty bad before the two-mile but worked back up to the next group inside the stadium. I think if the race was another 50 or so meters, he could have been fourth. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works so we’ll have to come back for it next year,” said Moran.

 Moran in the interview also expressed his excitement for Kessler in the near future, “Hobbs is a very talented kid. He is not only great at track but keeps his cool in the classroom, he embodies the perfect athlete and person in and out of competition,” said Moran.

“Running is a sport in which the athlete’s mind must be as conditioned as his or her body,” said Kessler, “when I’m running it is just me and the road ahead, all of my problems are behind me. The only thing in the near sight is the finish line.” Kessler has began preparing for his spring track season where he will run for Skyline, and is hopeful for great things the future may hold.