Brenan Dionne

“Sunlight” by Souly Had is a song that exudes happiness and soul. The song evokes feelings of being in love. The “sunlight” of the song is a partner who is lavished with expensive things and the love of the singer. The beat emphasizes this feeling of love with high notes delivered from wooden percussion and a choir of voices.

Originally from Duanesburg, New York, Souly is a young star capable of both rapping and singing. His early love of rock and Mac Miller is what lead to him developing as a singing hip-hop artist. Through other songs, like “Déjà Vu,” Souly has found success on Soundcloud and has continued to grow his fanbase.  

Now known for his floaty beat choice, Souly often uses a guitar and piano to highlight his vocals. “Sunlight” is no different and only shows how the young talent has grown as an artist by polishing his chorus with catchy lyrics and improving the flow of his rapping by manipulating his cadence to better deliver each line. Overall Souly creates a cheerful song infused with both R&B and hip-hop to deliver the dreamy lovestruck contents of the lyrics.