Robert Maglione

“I didn’t always have someone to turn to. Things have always been a little tough with my family but as of late, I’ve been able to be okay with the fact that my parents are divorced. My mom is a really important person to me because she’s a really good emotional support to me. She’s just more emotionally in touch with me. If I was just raised by my dad, I might not be as in touch with my emotions as I am. That’s really important to me because I feel like I can sense whenever somebody is hurt or needs emotional support because my mom has taught me [to do so]. She has brought that emotional side to the table. She helps me through my problems, she just makes me feel better. There was this one night in July or August where we were enjoying the sunset over the lake. She had her arm around me and we were watching the sun go down and she was like ‘I love you Robert, thank you for being such a good son.’”