Robert Morgan


“[In the weirdest dream I’ve ever had,] I was in a really dark room, and I was surrounded by pillars almost everywhere in a circle- kinda like the greco Roman style pillars. So I walked up and there was a snake slithering around the pillars. I was obviously very frightened. And then the snake ate me. [So then] I thought, ‘Oh, this is the part of the dream where I wake up because I’ve died.’  But then I opened my eyes and I was the snake and I was eating myself. And I just kept eating myself, forever.  There were a couple months of my life where I kept having that dream. And I don’t know why. Snakes are very phallic, which is actually a very big thing for me. 

“I’m very flamboyant. Everyone has thought I was gay, forever. When I started teaching at Communiy, I had four students; they thought my fiancé was a hired actor. [ They would be] like, ‘nah, you’re gay though,’  ‘Why are you afraid?’ I’m not. This is the most open school! There’s no reason I wouldn’t just come out if I were gay!”