Andrew Stevick

“There’s a lot of kids who do go through hardships. I would probably tell you that those kids probably don’t have as much stress and anxiety as some of the more privileged or more comfortable households [in Ann Arbor] are going through. Back then when something went down, we took care of it. That’s just kind of how it was. We drove to someone’s house and you called them outside, and took care of it right then and there. For you guys and all the technology there is right now, you guys don’t have a healthy outlet. You can text someone and then that frees your stress. Or you can tweet something, or you can Facebook someone and to you that feels comfortable. But at the root of it, you didn’t actually resolve something within yourself. You didn’t actually ask the girl out; you didn’t actually didn’t stand up for yourself. You said something witty, right? That felt good enough for you.”