Spork Game 2020


The Spork Game is upon us! Every year at the start of second semester, seniors at CHS begin to play the Spork Game. 

For $5, seniors purchase a spork and carry it with them. Your spork must be held in your hand, and you are not allowed to tape or attach it to your hand. If you do not have your spork, you can be sporked and then you are out. The game lasts until graduation or until only one player is left. The money used to buy the sporks goes into a pot and the winner/s split it at the end of the game. 



The Spork Game Tracker shows all the seniors competing in this years’ spork game: the dot size indicates how many students they have sporked (or their spork kills) and the color indicates if they are still in the game. You can filter students by how many they have sporked by clicking on the numbers, and whether they are in or out of the game by clicking on the respective buttons. The time slider visualizes changes in the Spork Game by day and can be started, stopped and dragged around. It will be updated regularly so check in if you’re curious what’s happening!

Addendum: Updates to the tracker with dates were not available for spork kills between March 6 to 11. As a result, they have been included on March 12.