Men’s Skyline Lacrosse Check up (off-season)


Zack Schueler

Skyline lacrosse was up by two goals with three minutes left on the clock against Father Gabrial Richard (FGR). FGR senior, Riley Cesarini scooped up the ground ball off of the face-off and drove to the net, but didn’t get a shot with Skyline defender Evan Eisman in front of him. Cesarini passed the ball only to get it right back and scored with a little over a minute left. But FGR was still down by one goal. Zack Schueler won the faceoff for Skyline and passed to teammate Kevin Nuygen but was saved by the goalie. With the ball in FGR possession, shot after shot was made while the clock ticked down. The whistle was blown and Skyline rushed to their goalie in celebration of a victory over FGR.

Some players from the Skyline Varsity team play in a Sunday indoor league where they play an eight vs eight in a smaller space which improves stick work and footwork. They play many familiar teams such as Pioneer and Saline; both teams Skyline will play in the regular season.

Isaac Lippert (attackmen), Robbie White (defender), Tyler Stevens Romanow (midfielder), and Kalen Bonner (Goalie) are all seniors, as well as team leaders. Players look up to them for guidance and occasionally seek tips or advice. 

I’m looking for someone who is a rock, someone who we can depend upon,” Eisman said. “We need a couple of those guys on our team that we know that we can trust and look to for support; the most important thing is support, making sure they’re supporting the underclassmen and developing everyone so that our program can be better.” 

The upcoming season is right around the corner and Skyline’s team is already in the weight room twice a week and participating in the Sunday Winter league to get the team improved and prepared. 

“We’ve had quite the regimen of workouts followed by Sunday games, we’re just building the experience, getting ready to play this year and in the season,” Bonner said.  “I feel our defense is actually going to be really strong. We have a lot of returning guys who understand the game such as: Jamie Newton, Zach Pachera, and Kevin Nuygen who are really gonna contribute to offense this year. However, our defense is going to be stronger than we’ve ever seen it.”

Skyline looks to develop and maintain more of a culture for the team this year. This can  be little things such as picking up the balls when you are not asked or bringing out the nets before practice. Last year the team had a lot of players gone for other sports during the season and culture sends a message to others about the team.