Hallway of terror


Sarah Tice, holding her two most important things: her puppy and her spork.

It was a gloomy winter day, and as the spork game became more intense, Sarah Tice was glad to be in Steve’s spork-free classroom. Suddenly, a screeching bell broke the tranquillity of art class, and students reluctantly walked into the hallway for a severe weather drill.

“I went out in the hallway forgetting that the hallway is not spork-free,” said Tice. “I saw so many sporks but I just hid my hands so that maybe people thought that I was holding my spork but not showing it.”

Tice then overheard her classmates all agreeing that this would be the perfect time to spork someone.

“It was really scary,” Tice said. “I was looking like a victim, but I didn’t get sporked.”

It was a close call for Tice, and as the sporkings continue, the pool of seniors grows smaller, and the pot of money has never looked better.