Three to Read


“The America We Need” By The Editorial Board, The New York Times

This powerful opinion piece speaks to the United States’ resilience through hardships, including the Great Depression and the Civil War. Though the main point focuses on our shortcomings in the face of a pandemic and how our ideas of liberty, equality and the American dream have declined.

“In photos: Heroes of the Coronavirus Pandemic” MSN

The photos in this series and captions that go along with them display acts of selflessness of individuals all over the world during the Coronavirus pandemic. From nurses to engineers to red cross workers, these pictures point out all people in many different professions coming together to fight the crisis.

“Coronavirus lockdowns have sent pollution plummeting. Environmentalists worry about what comes next.” By Luke Denne, NBC News

In the past few months, due to people being quarantined, scientists have seen a dramatic reduction in air pollution across the world, a good thing that has come out of this scary time. Now, scientists and environmentalists, are concerned countries will relax emission limits to help jump-start economies.